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Manga for Sale! [31 Mar 2010|10:28am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I have MANGA for sale. OP 10/19/08

Sensual Phrase

Kare First Love

Hana Kimi

Kare Kano


Absolute Boyfriend

Kamikaze Girls

Lament of the Lamb

Getbackers *sale* $5

Antique Bakery

Mobile Suit Gundam: Ecole Du Ciel *sale* $5

Your and My Secret

All manga: Very Good-Excellent condition. $6 each unless noted... questions? reply to my journal OR
email: mdnyte_star@yahoo.com
Official PayPal Seal

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SHOES, MANGA, & TEXTBOOKS!!! [03 Nov 2007|09:44am]
[ mood | cold ]

Cubby 311 Gothic/Punk WINTER BOOTS
Brand: Demonia
Color Black
Condition: Excellent worn only once. Original Box. Really cool furry trim. Platform 2 3/4 in.
$50 Shipped

Brand: TUK
Size: 10
Condition: Excellent NEVER WORN. New w/o Box
$45 Shipped

Hana-Kimi Volumes 1-18 ALL in Excellent Conditon $6 each & $5 Shipping

Chemistry by Raymond Chang 8th Edition ISBN: 007322032
Good conditon w/ online Skillbuilder
$50 Shipped

Elementary Statistics by Mario F. Triola 10th Edition ISBN: 0321331834
Very Good conditon w/ CD
$50 Shipped

Shipping in US only. Paypal ONLY. ???'s @ mdnyte_star@yahoo.com
Official PayPal Seal

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Indie, Emo, Cute Stuff!!! [09 Sep 2006|12:41pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Bags, Shoes, Clothes, Calculators + More!

Official PayPal Seal
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Manga [14 Jul 2006|08:51pm]
Manga Sale*

Getbackers 1-4 only $18 for the set
Mobile Suit Gundam: Ecole Du Ciel Vol. 1 $4
Lament of The Lamb Vol 1 $6
Selfish Love Vol 1&2 Yaoi $8 each
Golden Cain Yaoi $8

Sensual Phrase 1-11 Vols $6 each $66 for set

Revolutionary Girl Utena: Impatience and Longing eps.18-20 Brand NEW sealed Original price 29.99
Steel Angel Kurumi 2- 2.1
Steel Angel Kurumi 2- 2.2
DVD's $10 each
My prices are cheap. Take advantage of these deals.

Things I want
I'm trying to collect Kare Kano but I'm a broke college student
I need vols 4- to latest release.
I recently fell in love with Peach Girl Original vols 1-8
Duck Prince vol 4,5,6 I'd definitely trade two items for one *(From the above list)for these volumes!
KERA- January 2006

Paypal Only
email mdnyte_star@yahoo.com
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I want these things [02 Jul 2006|11:58pm]
Fall is approaching quickly for me. I will be leaving home and I need the following.

My Want List
A new messenger(big enough for books), My dickies one is all worn.
a wallet
huge knit scarf
fingerless gloves
(a glove and scarf set would be awesome)

My personal style is funky/artsy/punk and I love DIY.

Comment or
email- mdnyte_star@yahoo.com
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[01 Jul 2006|08:40am]
I know how some yuri and shoujo-ai is hard to come by.
I am selling some of my anime and manga. Here are my yuri/shoujo-ai titles.

Strange Love DVD Anime SOLD
Revolutionary Girl Utena: Impatience and Longing eps.18-20 (Brand New never opened)
My prices are cheap. Take advantage of these deals.

All @ my ebay auction---click here!

These below are not listed on ebay yet but I can do direct sell.
Erica Sakurazawa: Between the Sheets SOLD

Steel Angel Kurumi 2- 2.1
Steel Angel Kurumi 2- 2.2
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Hoodie Bag! [30 Jun 2006|10:34pm]
Less than a day left to bid for this NEW w/ Tags Cute Punk/Emo Hoodie Bag at my ebay auction.


I am also selling anime and manga click here!
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Brand NEW Parcel Bag [08 May 2006|09:54am]
[ mood | calm ]

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Disney [22 Aug 2004|12:48pm]
Just came back from Disney World and I'm Sooo tired. I'm going to sleep for the next few days.
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[05 May 2004|06:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Paint supplies are so expensive! I haven't worked on my painting for over a month I need new brushes and more blues. I need a job too. I really want to work in a book store for some reason.(hmmm.. I lUV Books) Yes, I am geeKy! MAybe an arts and craft store would be better for me though.

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My First Entry [08 Mar 2004|06:57pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Today was very boring and dull as usual. Nothing ever happens i feel like I'm being dragged through life.

Anyway I like this song...
Gina Young

supergirl lives a double life
pretends she wants a husband instead of a wife
ducks into phonebooths to change her clothes
so her momma won't see the ring in her nose
changes her persona and changes her name
so her daddy will believe she's one and the same
as the daughter he raised to be simple and plain
good catholic values like mine following in shame

supergirl is holding it together
tightly with her teeth so that the pieces don't scatter
she's fighting the scrimige on all fronts
trying to be two places at once

her beautiful façade is silently cracking
trying to figure out exactly what's lacking
she'll never know how much she's got
trying to pretend she's something she's not

supergirl, supergirl, flying above me
why don't you get your ass down here and love me
supergirl, supergirl, queen of deception
willing to die for your daddy's affection

supergirl. supergirl.

look at the things we do to cover our asses
who do you think your fooling behind those glasses?
supergirl, you've got me impressed
but even when yr incognito i can see the letter "S" upon your chest
see the letter "S" upon your chest


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